About Us

Andy WithersBelmore was established in 1969 by stud principal Andy Withers.

Over a third of Belmore bulls sold annually enter into cross-breeding programs with great commercial success. These bulls are used mainly over Angus and Hereford cows in the South and Bos Indicus infused cows in Northern Australia. We aim to continue this tradition with our selection of Belmore sires having excellent commercial traits and outcross bloodlines.

We have found over many years that the Canadian sires we have used have improved fat cover, hardiness, temperament and scrotal circumference in our cattle. We believe this is because they have it so hard every winter, having to survive for six months on low quality pasture hay only.

Belmore participates annually in the South Australian Stud Beef Field Days. This informal viewing of our operation will allow you to better understand the conditions we raise our cattle in and why we place such importance on having all around performance rather than focusing on extreme EBV’s in only a couple of traits. Our country is predominantyl undulating light sandy loam, so structure and balanced perfomance are paramount in ensuring a successful beef cattle operation.

At Belmore we aim to supply premium beef genetics. We are dedicated to producing cattle that exceed market specifications and thrive in our harsh and varied Australian environment.

We are EU accredited beef producers. We have nutured a love of and respect for animals in our family members and employee’s. We employ calm and current livestock handling techniques to enhance animal welfare.

We are committed to improving the environment, utilising rotational grazing techniques and employing a native tree planting programme. We have areas of protected native scrub to stimulate natural regeneration and encourage native fuana.

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