Belmore bull sale supplementary sheet

The bulls have been run through for their pre-sale weigh and scan performed by Ben Glatz. Here is the Belmore Supplementary Data 2017 which also contains EBV’s for Lot 20 which were generated in the most recent Group Breedplan run.

We have placed the bulls in Lot order and noted their management groups to assist you in comparing the data. We like to give you as much information as possible to assist in your bull selection. We scan the bulls at their 400 day weighing to generate more accurate carcass based EBV’s.  

The bulls have all been vet and semen tested by Dr Tony Tully BVSc and their vaccinations and treatments under the Zoetis STAR program have been completed.

All Belmore cattle have a J-BAS 8+ score and are eligible to go to WA.

Lot 20 Belmore Conquest L202

5 Buyers Choice Heifer Lots

We are including ten heifers in 5 Buyers Choice lots in our 2017 Bull Sale. You get to select the one you like best and we get to keep the other.

We have matched these heifers on phenotype and their EBV’s – which are most impressive. You’ll have to look hard to match an offering of females with performance data like these ten girls. You can find their pedigree and EBV’s here.

The heifers are being sold with your choice of semen in The Grove Kookaburra W735, Belmore Patriach F102, Belmore Quantur G193, Belmore Engineer U6 and Belmore Roger H37 to be used on your purchase. Further information on the heifers and these sires can be found in our Females page.

Sires of the heifers include Yamburgan Harrier H08, Belmore Quare G233, Belmore Quince G60 and Belmore Quantur G193. Check out our Sires page for further information on these bulls.

Belmore 2017 Sale Catalogue

Here it is! Our 2017 Bull Sale catalogue. There are 45 lots on offer this year. These bulls have excellent breedplan figures and to assist you in matching your new bull to best meet your requirements we are utilising ABRI’s catalogue system to allow you to set your own search paramaters. 

Sale date: Thursday 27 April 2017 commencing at 12:30 pm SA time.

We have a new venue this year, Stoney Point Sale Complex. Stoney Point is located 11 kms west of Naracoorte on the Lucindale Road. Thanks to the Gunner family for allowing us to use their impressive venue.

We are so proud of this years offering and can’t wait to show them to you. Sires represented in this years catalogue are: Windsor Northern Cedar, Belmore Quantur G193, Yamburgan Spitfire H08, Belmore Quince G60, SPJ E-Cup, Belmore Patriarch F102, Belmore Quinella G53, Orena Conquest, Belmore Quare G233, Broome NASA D159 and Belmore Statesman J1.

Our print catalogue is nearly ready so keep an eye out for it next week in the mail.

Lot 3 B Oregon L19
Lot 3 Belmore Oregon L19
Lot 1 Belmore Stockman L63
Lot 6 Belmore Quantum L294

Future looking bright for Belmore

Second generation enters showring

JACINTA ROSE, Stock Journal, 25 Jul, 2015 03:30 AM

THE enduring success of the SA Junior Heifer Expo is illustrated in the prevalence of former competitors bringing their children back to the event to learn and compete.

Former champion senior herdsman Ali Volker, Naracoorte, enjoyed watching her children Sebastian, 11, and Lottie, 8, form firm friendships and show their skills in the ring.

Ali was the second youngest entrant at the first heifer expo in 1985, competing almost every year until she was crowned senior champion herdsman in 1998 as a 21-year-old.

“It’s a great opportunity – you don’t have to want to breed stud cattle to get so much out of it,” she said.

“So many of the kids that come through here have ended up, in some capacity, still in agriculture. At the end of the day that’s got to be the main aim – to get them involved and build passion for ag in general.

“The one thing that most of us take away are the friendships and networks that you set up – whether it be lifelong friends that you keep in contact with from all over Australia, or the other contacts that you make in the industry that you might not have met otherwise.”

She said Sebastian’s confidence in the ring had grown substantially, while Lottie was excited to get her first chance to join her older brother at the expo.

“Sebastian is in his fourth year, and his final year as a junior, and Lottie is in her first heifer expo experience,” he said. “She’s been champing at the bit for a number of years and was so jealous that Sebastian got to go.

“Green is her favourite colour at the moment, because she got two green ribbons for third place.”

“In his final year as a junior, I can’t believe how much Sebastian has stepped up and grown in the role he’s doing”.

Sebastian’s heifer Belmore Butterfly K244, supplied by Ali’s parents, Andy and Sally Withers, from Belmore Shorthorns, was the reserve junior champion heifer.

8 year old Lottie enjoying her first heifer expo winning two thirds.
8 year old Lottie enjoying her first heifer expo winning two thirds.
Sebastian and Belmore Butterfly K244 take out Reserve Junior Champion heifer.
Sebastian and Belmore Butterfly K244 take out Reserve Junior Champion heifer.