The bulls have been run through for their pre-sale weigh and scan performed by Ben Glatz. Here is the Belmore Supplementary Data 2017 which also contains EBV’s for Lot 20 which were generated in the most recent Group Breedplan run.

We have placed the bulls in Lot order and noted their management groups to assist you in comparing the data. We like to give you as much information as possible to assist in your bull selection. We scan the bulls at their 400 day weighing to generate more accurate carcass based EBV’s.  

The bulls have all been vet and semen tested by Dr Tony Tully BVSc and their vaccinations and treatments under the Zoetis STAR program have been completed.

All Belmore cattle have a J-BAS 8+ score and are eligible to go to WA.

Lot 20 Belmore Conquest L202